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GPS enabled Fitness Trackers made in the USA

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  • Sleep Monitor tracks your Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Awake Sleep and Duration
  • Notifies you when your cell phone receives a Call or Text Message
  • Tracks Calories, Mileage and specific Activity duration
  • Sedentary Alert reminds you to get up when you have been sitting too long
  • Seven different Alarm Settings for things like Waking Up on Time, Medication and Appointments

Capt Kenny Health Fitness Tracker Daytona Beach FL


  • Can be used with iOS and Android devices
  • The NAVIGATOR is available in Black, Blue, Green, Red and Plum
  • 24 Hour Real Time Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Uses GPS to accurately track and map your Walking, Hiking, Biking and Running
  • Count your Steps and set personal goals

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  • Ships from Daytona Beach, Florida by CAPT KENNY via USPS 2 Day Delivery
  • 12 Month Warranty: Product Replacement Guarantee within 12 months of purchase
  • Remote Camera, Four different Dial Settings, Heart Rate Zones, Activity Display Preferences, Do Not Disturb Mode to name a few 
  • Wrist Sense (Longer Battery Life), Wake her up with a flick of the wrist or simply touch the screen. No buttons to push.


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